Glera and Marzemino

Glera, Marzemino, we dared to put together two local grapes: Glera, white grape, and Marzemino, red grape.
Alice Osé is a hippy of a sparklng wine, that goes against trends; sweet to the nose but dry in the mouth.


Raspberry red, bright and sparkling fine continuous bubbles.


Distinct fruit and flower scent, typical of Marzemino grape: geranium, raspberry, wild rose.


Fresh clean taste, fruity but dry.

How we make

Vinification destemming and brief maceration on the skins, gentle hydraulic pressing, static settling of juice, fermentation at 18°-20°C, remains on the lees for about 2 months. Pressurization in steel tank, charmat method. Refermentation fro around 50 days at 18°C.


Alcohol 11,50% vol.
Sugar from 8 gr/l to 10 gr/l
Ph 3,20
Pressure 5 bar
Total acidity 5,7 gr/l

Drink it with

Somebody who dares.