Prosecco DOC


Sourced from Glera Bianchetta and Verdiso grapes grown in the Costa and Sarmede hills. The name is dialectal variation for “By hand”.

How we make

Vinification: destemming and gentle hydraulic pressing, static settling of juice, fermentation at 18°-20°C, remains on the lees for a period from 45 days. Pressurization in steel tank, charmat method. Refermentation for around 45 days at 18°-20°C.

Soil and vineyard

The soil is of glacial moraine origin, chalky, rocky, lean and reach in minerals. Vineyard altitude is 200-240 m above sea level. Training system: Sylvoz. Planting density: 4000 vines per hectare. Harvest period: second half of September. Yield: around 100 hectolitres per hectare. Climate: temperate - cold winters and warm, well-ventilated, non-muggy summers. Considerable day/night temperature shifts, particularly during summer.


Pale straw-yellow, bright and sparkling fine continuos bubbles.


Distinct fruit and flower scent, typical of Prosecco: honeysuckle, acacia, pear, apple.


Fresh, distinct and delicate fruit flavors: apple, peach, wisteria.


Alcohol 11,20% vol.
Sugar 16 gr/l
Ph 3,20
Pressure 5 bar
Total acidity 5,5 gr/l

Drink it with

In a evening of memories.